The port surgery went smoothly.

This is such a small town. The surgeon who performed the surgery has, as his junior partner in the practice, the husband of the doctor at CHP who initially decided I needed to see a specialist about my lymph nodes — the doctor who found the cancer, basically. So I found out some cute things about her. This surgeon was funny. We talked about how horrible kidney stones are. His are worse than mine, totally. I have yet to meet a doctor here that I dislike…but surgeons are a riot.

They didn’t put me under all the way this time, just sedated me heavily and used a local anesthetic. I slept through most of it, because I don’t remember them injecting the local, but I woke up for a bit of pulling and tugging towards the end. I was apparently fairly drugged when I got back to the room and told Pol about six variations of the same story, but other than that, I was up and eating and ready to go as soon as they’d done an x-ray and confirmed that all was kosher for me to do so. My pectoral muscles feel as if I’d worked out a little too hard, but there is no serious pain at all, so far.

Actually, I felt so good right after we left that we went straight from the hospital to Columbo’s for some gluten-free pizza. Yum! Then we went to the library and checked out many books. Then we went over to CHP and had my neck stitches removed. Hooray! Then we went back to the hospital for a meeting with the social worker about fertility options.

Apparently I am at pretty low risk of infertility due to the chemo, but there is also an injection I can get, which will shut down my ovaries for a few months, and this will help protect them further. I am mulling this over and have a consultation about it Thursday. I think I’d like to know a little more before I decide. Is it going to plunge me into mini-menopause on top of chemo? Do I really want to go there? On the other hand, it would be nice not to have to worry…so we’ll see.

All in all, a very busy and productive day. There was also a nap at Pol’s house, followed by dinner, followed by dozing and reading on the couch, and now I am off to bed.


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I'm not certain about anything, except that I am not an expert on anything. I like shades of grey, and I like bold choices. I seek for compassion. I like flexible minds and healthy bodies. I'm always, always in love. I like people who are alive and passionate and worried about something bigger than the next paycheck.

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  1. Having surgeons who are people instead of wanna be Gods… freaking awesome! I dunno Pol, but I’d love to give him a great big hug for taking such good care of you. :o) Take it easy friend, and keep that wonderful sense of humor going!

  2. Sounds like being in a small town is way better that big city hospitals and craziness (which they are always). IF you decide to go the shut down the ovaries for a few months and get menopuase symptoms Evening Primrose oil helps so much with the annoying hot flashes and its fairly cheap. I take a capsule a day and pay 5,99 for 90. It really helps and I tried a lot of other stuff like Estroven (which is expensive). I was around 31 when I took injections to shut mine down for 6 months. Hot flashes were the worse of it. A friend told me a few years ago about Primrose oil and its a miracle. You are so positive you are my new hero (heroine?) Thanks from me to Pol too. What a great person he is.

  3. Marya, I was sad to hear of your cancer diagnosis. I will be praying for you. You have a great attitude, keep the humor in your stories.
    Aunt Mary

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